I work with brand strategies, brand identities, branded environments and brand communication. 


I’m a design and brand strategist. Because I am fluent in both roles I offer a parallel thinking that  helps to bridge how the brand strategy and business tactics will marry with no loose threads.
A brand means different things to different stakeholders so the work must be coherent.

My strategic and creative mind work in concert to ensure that all components are a correct, robust representation of the brand. I make no distinction between visual communication, architecture, digital solutions or other forms of communication. 

I also believe that the best solutions are created through cooperation and dialogue. But the best ideas do more than provide simple answers – they open new opportunities. When delivered with originality and wit, they create sustainable and profitable brands.



A strong brand is the product of both
a strategic and creative process. 


It's not a one man show – it’s an everyday collaboration so an open, holistic approach is essential.

First we must listen, learn and discover. Then define and challenge the need together. Finally is the development and delivery of the specific solution aligned to the product, service or brand.

The process in short: Discover – Define – Develop – Deliver.

The solution must also do more than just create value beyond the purely aesthetic. Sustainability, long-term growth and profitability is essential. Evaluation of the result is therefore crucial.


Over 20 years of combined experience and expertise.

I have worked with advertising campaigns, brand identities, packaging design, brand experience concepts, digital solutions, customer magazines, annual reports and more.

In addition to my experience, I also lecture on brands, design and marketing communication at Beckmans School of Design, Berghs SoC and Forsbergs Skola. In 2018, I had the honor being on the B2B jury of 100-wattaren. 

Brand building
Saab showroom
Svenska Designpriset
Saab Annual Report
Saab studio design
Johan Mångsén
Berghs SoC

Consistency in every
brand experience.

Working at Saab is working at the cutting edge of technology. The defense industry has always been the driver of innovation. This experience translates to anywhere, where staying atop of the connected, high-tech world is critical. Knowledge of state of the art products and solutions in both hardware and software is a must. 

So, learn, lead and perform is really not unfamiliar to me. I like being in a position where I lead and pave the way with an overall creative vision for the brand. Crafting solutions with consistency in every brand experience.